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At its signature international event, the World Cup Competition held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center from September 30 to October 2, 2012 in Washington, DC, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) announced a change of the organization's name to Enactus. The selection of this name reaffirms the organization's long-standing commitment to using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress. (www.enactus.org). ...

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Testimony From Students

SIFE serves as a platform as well as a challenge. Sincerely I hope everyone can think about your future role and future responsibility in this society. Hopefully, in the future participations of SIFE competition, each and every members will acknowledge the original intention of SIFE, alleviating poverty, advancing social development.

XU Kaikai
2003-2004 SIFE Fudan University

SIFE broaden my eyes, changed my attitude to work, and made me more self-confident. SIFE is my best teacher. SIFE helped me a lot in the process being a business man. Whe I joined SIFE in 2004, I was a junior university student without any social experience. My SIFE experience taught me how to communicate, how to think over, how to solve problems, how to manage a project, how to cooperate and how to work independently. My largest acheivement in SIFE was not winning the national champion but the social relations I built and the way to do business I learned. My SIFE experience gave me a strong supporting in my career, I did not feel very unfamiliar with the work when I started my current work. I love SIFE!

Jerry MAO
2004 SIFE Shanghai International Studies University

“Being an entrepreneur, to start everything from scratch, is no way an easy task.” I have heard of this for so many times from those brilliant entrepreneurs; yet the feeling appealed to me only after I started off SIFE team in my university, HKUST. SIFE experience has built up my entrepreneurship and problem solving skills. This shapes me to be a good candidate for many global recruiters.

2006 SIFE Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

It’s SIFE that teaches me how to turn my plans and ideas into reality and develop the business. It’s SIFE that tells me I can create unimaginable economic values as long as I work hard in the free enterprise. It’s SIFE that offers me precious confidence and experience, which will play an important part in my future entrepreneurship.

WU Shuang
Peking University SIFE team CEO
Guanghua School of Management
Peking University

To be qualified SIFE students, we became more concerned about the society and more conscious of our responsibilities for its improvement. During the process of the SIFE programs, we learned how to carry out a plan, how to solve real problems, how to better harmonize the teamwork and so on. Thanks to SIFE activities, we are living in such a different and significant campus life to realize self-development.

President of SIFERUC
Accounting Department
Business School
Renmin University of China

SIFE taught me to persist during hardships, to work under stress, to play all kinds of roles in the team, and gave me an opportunity to work, innovate, fight and dream along with the brightest students. Most importantly, we share the happiness of the people we have helped, and we share the burden of difficulties. To me, SIFE is a mission, SIFE is family!

XU Zhi
BFSU SIFE Team President
05 International Finance.
Beijing Foreign Studies University

When operating the SIFE programs, it is not only the people we help that benefit from the activities but also ourselves. SIFE gives us an access to a quite different world where we can expand our horizon. SIFE offers us opportunities to gain social responsibility as well as improving ourselves. “A head for business, a heart for the world”. That is why SIFE attracts us.

CHU Yalin
SMU SIFE Team President
Shanghai Maritime University

Since I joined the SIFE organization, I have learned to do everything earnestly and carefully, trying to complete every task. Unity, creation,endurence are all the requirements of SIFE. I have got many precious experiences during the process. In terms of current project, we are full of confidence because we are working hardly.

ZHANG Pengfei
NUT SIFE Team President
Nanjing University of Technology

Though SIFE,I am capable of learning things and adapting to the surroundings quickly and also have had some experience of overcoming the frustrations and difficulties, and have learnt how to persist to achieve the goal. Above all, though SIFE, I have understood the exact meaning of devotion and sharing.

TU Shilu
SU SIFE Team President
Shanghai University

After two years’ participation in SIFE, what I attained is just like the slogan of SIFE: Ahead for business, a heart for the world. Through communicating with the disadvantaged, I got the access to deeply understand their living environment as well as their demands. Also, by applying my knowledge on economics to the undertaking of the projects, I managed to help some people improve living standard, which was great accomplishment for me. After all those activities, I felt for myself as part of the society, as a college student, I should contribute to the society while enjoying the advantages it offered to me.

LU Xinran
SISU SIFE Team President
Shanghai International Studies University

SIFE offers me the opportunities to learn what responsibility is, the responsibility for me, for our team, and for the society. Meanwhile I have made a lot of sincere friends in SIFT SIFE that makes my collage life colorful.

Victoria GUO
SIFT SISU Team President
Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

SIFE is a good communication Platform for college students to contact with the society. It represents a kind of spirit, a kind of faith. And it has to be the belief of our life. At that moment we join the team , it has become a habit that our companions stay together and overcome difficulties together, also we grow together in the face of suffering. With being helped and helping others, we will brlieve our own strength much more. We have the same targets as international SIFE; we change others, and improve ourselves. We will carry out the career of SIFE to the end!

XU Yiwei
Wanli SIFE Team President Zhejiang Wanli University

The reason to establish the SIFE team in the university is very simple: just to open a window which can let the students see very different but beautiful scenery through. But during over one-year being a SIFEr, I’ve found that SIFE was more than a window. SIFE is a kind of bridge, it let the students go outside to concern about the society, to help the communities, to change people and their life, including the students themselves; and at the same moment, it let more people outside of school know more about these excellent students and the incredible things they’ve done for their communities. As a SIFEr, I improved myself a lot during this SIFE process, and what SIFE teaches me is: help people, help yourself!

GPU SIFE Team President
International Economics and Trade
Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

I have developed a new understanding of business foresight and responsibilities to society through SIFE, which lightened my university life with its creative pursuit and dreams. SIFE SCNU became a stage that I can perform and challenge myself unreservedly. Satisfactory and merry always permeate our team.

SCNU SIFE Team President
South China Normal University

In my childhood, my dad always encouraged me saying “you can do it”. Now I always say it to our teammates and also myself. It’s SIFE that makes me achieve a higher level of myself. In the last few months I’ve learnt an effective way to build a team and cooperate well with others. The most important thing is that, we all enjoy doing our SIFE project and will keep going for a better life.

Andy YIP
Jinan University SIFE Team President
Jinan University

This is the second year I’m in SIFE, it is a place where potential meets opportunity, and where we view with global vision, think with business sense, and do with entrepreneurship. I believe, after our cultivation, what we harvest is not just the fruit, but also the horticulture.

Vinsa CHEN
SYSU SIFE Team President
Public Finance and Taxation
Sun Yat-sen University

In my mind, SIFE is one of the best ways to bridge textbook with business practice. SIFE fully inspires me to breathe into the book, and to discover the key to the dilemma we met again and again. It’s the sense of achievement drive me understanding the theory of textbook dynamically.

Erick TSAI
DUFE SIFE Team President
Dongbei University of Finance & Economics

It"s dream that makes me do the meaningful things constantly; its responsibility that makes me more mature; It"s SIFE that is like starting up, it makes my life full of challenge.

Harbin Engineering University SIFE Team President
Building Environment and Equipment Engineering
Harbin Engineering University

Though I have been leaders of various school associations and clubs during my graduate years, SIFE, without doubt, has played a rather crucial and vital role in shaping me and improving my skills. SIFE is an independent association, which makes me more and more mature and responsible; it also offers me a broader and wider flat for me to communicate and cooperate with people outside the college, which enriches my view a lot; the most important and significant thing is that here I get to know a group of people who share the same interests and ideals with me and make my life full of happiness and enthusiasm.

LI Jinqiu
TJU SIFE Team President
Postgraduate, Architectural Environment
College of Environmental Science and Engineering
Tianjin University

SIFE offers our students in colleges and universities an international platform to show our self-value and make our dreams come true. By working in SIFE, we youngsters have discovered and developed our own potentials ,strengthened our leadership and are inspired to express our sincere gratitude to the society with our own achievements and contributions .By developing the project, teamwork spirit has been attached great importance to and it has integrated into our lives .By holding the regular team meeting, our collective wisdom has been embodied and through communications and talks between all the colleges and universities ,common progress has been made .SIFE is really an amazing place where all the students assemble to realize their dreams.

WANG Zizheng
TPU SIFE Team President
Economics and Finance
Tianjin Polytechnic University

The ideas of SIFE is one of the necessary conditions for our college students to adapt to business community, it not only puts its own goal as a criteria into practice, but also puts the results of practice to people who need to be helped, helping them continuing the ideas of SIFE, meanwhile obtaining more wealth and skills.Much thanks for SIFE, I will bring SIFE to my friend and all the people who need help.

LI Shengliang
TUST SIFE Team President
Tianjin University of Science & Technology

Joining SIFE, I think the most important thing is that it offered me a chance to experience the significance of responsibility. Being responsible to yourself,you will become the people who has investment value.;being responsible to the society , your life will become more valuable.Because of this the society will become more harmonious.

ZHONG Hongliang
TUC SIFE Team President
Business Administration
Tianjin University of Commerce

I am so pleased to bring SIFE to central China. As the captain of a rookie team ,it is really a very gratifying thing to grow up with my teammate I am also pleased to see that influence of SIFE in China"s grow with time’s going . Students have more and more contribution to the organization and be able to participate in the community through this organization. Because of SIFE , I am close to the community. I also thank to my teammate. They improve me further.

BAO Zhongrong
2007-2008 SIFE Team President
HuaZhong University of Science and Technology

Life on the other hand will never let you understand. How could I imagine that my SIFE experience would have been such a fantastic adventure? No doubt, SIFE changes me a lot. But here, I want to say that nothing can compare with the meaning that SIFE brings to those edge crowds whose lives were totally reshaped. That is amazing, and I think that is the essence of SIFE and why SIFE is a respectable organization.

ZUO Chen
XJTU SIFE Team President
Management Science and Engineering
School of Management
Xi’an Jiaotong University.