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AQUAIR & Enactus Hard Water Purification Challenge

【Aquair】Announcing Environmental Water Purification Project Implementing Teams

time:2016/5/3 15:12:26


Thanks to teams that actively applied for AQUAIR’s “improving quality of hard water, enjoying soft water experience” water purification project, we have received 31 project proposals in total. Through AQUAIR and Enactus’ joint scrutiny, 5 teams were selected. We wish to collect innovative water purification solutions from Enactus students, to implement the projects using Enactus’ current college resources, and to push for solutions and awareness of water purification.


This social interest project will last an entire year through 2016. Outstanding purification devices that win the AQUAIREnactus water purification contest will be donated to regions suffering drought or Hope Primary Schools. They will also be introduced to other people who need clean water on a daily basis.


1.      4000 RMB will be granted as implementation fund to each of the shortlisted 5 teams.

2.      The wining team will gain a 15,000 RMB reward to further its project.

Congratulations to the shortlisted 5 teams, we anticipate their excellent achievements in the following half-year project implementation period!