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Enactus started the first season of "Career Adviser" plan on September, 2015. This plan is set to help Enactus students getting a job on senior years. Advisers will give tips on getting a job. The whole plan"s goal is to let seniors get the job they want, plan their career via Career Adviser. 

Career Adviser Open Sessions Introduction
Know yourself better + How to write a resúme
There"s no absolute when we valuing a personality. But when it comes to work, each personality will have its own benefit and harm. Seniors will consider two questions over and over: Do I like this job? Does this job fits me? The second open sessions will lead students to think. Ajinga"s online test will reveal a full self-evaluation. You will know yourself more and know what is the best for you. 
When you know what you are good at and what you are not, you will be able to "sell yourself" to the job hunters. You will need to write a resume. A great resume is a key to obtain a job. "How do I write 4 years college lives in a A4 paper?" "How do I show my uniqueness to them?" "How do I convince HR with my intern history?" These questions will all be answer on the open sessions. 
Discover the career you want + interview tips
Addition, accountant, IT, private equity, R&D, CC.... All these jobs make seniors lose their mind. You need to know all industries before you find your favorite job. During the open sessions, advisers will lead everyone to understand how each industry work. 
Finding a industry you like is the first step. However, a amazing interview will be the key to success. From company preference to interview process; from preparation to dress code; from frequently asked question to how you answer.... Open sessions will offer students a wider view on interviews. What is even better? Advisers will suggest you what is expected from companies. These hints undoubtedly will help you on your interview. 
We believe with the help of advisers, seniors definitely will know what they need to improve on and show the best of them on interviews and march towards the jobs they seek!!