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【News Release】2016 Enactus China National Compatition

time:2016/5/27 13:46:39


Enactus China has successfully host 2016 Enactus China National competition. Executives from A.O.Smith, Dell, Bayer, Freudenberg, Nu Skin, etc, were judges of this competition. They voted Sun Yet-Sen University as the 2016 Enactus China National Competition First place. The Sun Yet-Sen University are going to represent China to participate in the 2016 World Cup.




The target of Enactus Projects is to combine University Students and Enactus Partners, using business way and enforce entrepreneurial spirit to build a better world.




2016 Enactus China National Competition Champion Sun Yet-Aden University"s project is "Neverland". The team discovered that there are a lot of banana leaves stacked and the traditional way of dealing it is causing serious environmental issues, which threaten banana"s development. "Neverland" build departments to hire Daji Sha Island villagers to use banana leaves as a fuel for mushrooms. As a result, it not only increase the living standards of villagers, but also decreases pollution on environment.



The captain of Sun Yet-Sen University make the statement of "It was really an amazing journey to win the first place. Project "Neverland" were chosen by everyone because we really did hard work, spent a lot of time on it. We appreciate the advisers" help and suggestions, and we thank everyone who supported us. We will always use the sight of seeking opportunities to find the way to change the world."




There are a lot of options available for students during this National Competition.


-- Top to Future Top Forum which is presented by Dell. Over 20 executives are invited as guests who shared their opinion on several topics with students representatives.



-- Company exhibition which Enactus invited over 25 companies to join. Companies exhibit their companies value and culture and invited elite students to take part in internships.



During 2015-2016, over 15000 college Enactus students, 265 Enactus teams in 25 Enactus China province developed and executed more than 985 projects. 59 companies supported Enactus China. As a partner of Enactus China, Dell"s Greater China President Dr. Huang fully agree and support Enactus. Dr. Huang claimed "32 years ago, 19-year-old Michael Dell used 1000$ and created Dell. Nowadays, Dell is one of the top IT company globally. The power to do more, is the thought that we always keep in mind and is what kept us innovating. Therefore, we are delighted to see students who uses Enactus as a platform to progress their entrepreneurial spirit, bring changes to the community. This is undoubtedly amazing. Dell will keep on cooperating with Enactus to work on this kind of meaningful projects. 


The 93 teams who advanced to Enactus China National Competition showed us 103 projects they developed. Enactus students combine Internet technologies to enforced their projects. The projects are filtered into 5 main tags -- agricultural; educational; environmental; cultural and helping small firms. For example, Shanghai New York University developed Ultrasonic Sensor for blind people; ChongQing University build a brand of muted barber in service for deaf and dumb people; Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus uses oyster shells as a coating additives. Yes these are all what Enactus students" ideas and what they have accomplished.