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At its signature international event, the World Cup Competition held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center from September 30 to October 2, 2012 in Washington, DC, Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) announced a change of the organization's name to Enactus. The selection of this name reaffirms the organization's long-standing commitment to using entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress. (www.enactus.org). ...

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Become A Partner-Enactus China Partnership Overview

What is Enactus?
• Enactus Values Social Impact through Entrepreneurial Action
We believe investing in university students who take entrepreneurial action for others creates a better world for us all. We live our values of Integrity, Passion,Innovation and Collaboration in all that we do.

• Enactus Embraces the United Nations 2030 Global Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs)
In order to transform the world in a more sustainable way by 2030, we have asked our students to align their projects with these United Nations SDGs. We are proud that the 15,000+ young action leaders that participate in Enactus-China each year are already creating meaningful progress towards achieving the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

• Enactus Showcases Excellence Through Competitions
Like in business, we believe that competition encourages creativity and rewards results. For Enactus, it means more lives impacted. Our annual regional and national competitions provide a platform for students to present their projects to a panel of judges drawn from the business community and prove the effectiveness and sustainability of their ideas.

Why Partner with Enactus?
• Utilize Enactus as a Platform to Achieve Success in Social Responsibility and Impact
The Enactus program drives high impact and sustainable changes through entrepreneurial action, especially in areas of environmental sustainability, rural development, women’s economic empowerment, cultural inheritance, energy and water security.

• Shape New Leaders and Top Talent
When you support Enactus students, it makes the world a better place. The Enactus vales of integrity, innovation, collaboration and passion become life values for our students. With a head for business and a heart for the world, Enactus alumni carry their experiences into their professional careers.

• Align Brand Strategy and Customer Loyalty
Supporting Enactus provides significant brand recognition and customer loyalty within an extensive network of students, business and academic leaders. Brands align with us to demonstrate and increase customer awareness of their commitment to social innovation and sustainability.

• Engage Associates and Colleagues
Enactus is a unique platform for executive team building and instilling corporate social values in employees. Enactus offers opportunities for employee engagement through our mentorship program, judging opportunities and training sessions.

• Collaborate with World Leaders and Innovators
Enactus forums provide opportunities to network outside of traditional business settings for a greater purpose. Organized at national and international levels, these events allow interaction with peers, customers and suppliers, and drive new ideas.

Become A Partner-Partnership Models &Options(Program Year 2016-2017)

What is the Membership to be an Enactus China Corporate Partner?
CNY80,000 - Annual Basic Membership

The basic membership allows Enactus China to build the nation-wide university network, provide training to students, strengthen faculty relationships, improve branding, stage the competitions and other events and cover administrative and personnel expenses.

Additional Membership Benefits

Once a company contributes an initial RMB 80,000 to become a basic member, Enactus partners have the opportunity to increase their membership level by sponsoring a number of special programs/events (see list below).

Membership Level Amount of Partnership * Advisory Board Opportunity
National Partners Club CNY300,000+ Includes One Seat on Enactus China Advisory Board
Presidents Club CNY200,000-299,999 Includes One Seat on Enactus China Advisory Board
Directors Club CNY80,000-199,999  
* Note: Cumulatively includes basic membership and other sponsorship (in CNY)

Options for Enactus China Sponsorship of Events / Strategic Topic Project Initiatives

Event / Project Category Amount
Strategic Topic Project Initiatives Tailored Topic Project ≥200,000 Tailored Proposal
Designated SDG Topic Naming Project ≥300,000 Tailored Proposal
Social Digital Media Campaign Tailored Branding ≥50,000 Tailored Proposal
Annual Presenting Sponsor All China Competitions 800,000 1 Seat / Year
National Competition Host Partner

Yearly Enactus China National Competition Naming Sponsorship
(May of the Year)

200,000 4 Seats / Year
Judge Orientation and Score Verification 120,000 1 Seat / Year
Ideation Forum on SDG 65,000 1 Seat / Year
Top-to-Future-Top Forum 65,000 1 Seat / Year
Innovation Fair 65,000 1 Seat / Year
Post Competition Cocktail Reception 60,000 1 Seat / Year
Faculty Advisor Forum / Lunch Meeting 50,000 1 Seat / Year
Online Live Broadcast 70,000 1 Seat / Year
National Team Parade 50,000 1 Seat / Year
Regional Competition Host Partner (SH/BJ)

Regional Competitions Naming

75,000 2 Seats/Region/Year
Regional Competition Host Partner (HK/GZ/SZ/CD/DL) 60,000 2 Seats/Region/Year
Regional Program Training Conferences (Oct/Mar)

Students Involvement Naming Events

80,000 1 Seat / 15 Cities
National New Team Leaders Workshop (Aug) 60,000 1 Seat/ Year
National Social Ambassador Conference (Aug) 60,000 1 Seat/ Year

Become A Partner-Membership Benefits & Recognitions

Corporate Branding:
• Partner company recognition at Enactus China National and Regional Competitions.
• Partner company logo displayed on Enactus China officially registered digital media platforms (e.g. WeChat public account and Weibo), printed Annual Brochure and Judge Handbook.
• Certificate and Plaque of Appreciation for the Partner company at the Program Year end.
• Partner company logo in “rolling display” on Enactus China official website homepage.
• Partner company Introduction on Enactus China official website.
• Partner company Executive’s comments on Enactus China official website.
• Partner company Introduction with its advertisement shown on Enactus China WeChat Service Account.
• Opportunity for Partner company representatives to participate in up to 15 Enactus China Campus Talks.
Note: Event Sponsorship Partners will be entitled to designated branding benefits and recognition in the relevant event or activity.

Networking & Engagement:
• Seat on Enactus China National Advisory Board if the Partner company is at National Partners Club or Presidents Club level.
• Invitation for the Partner company’s senior executives and mid-level staff to serve as the judges in designated levels of Enactus competitions, e.g. regional, national and international.
• Ability of Partner company to invite its client's corporate executives and mid-level staff to serve as the judges or observers in designated levels of Enactus competitions.
• Invitation for the Partner company’s senior executives to participate in Enactus China cocktail receptions or other related social networking events throughout the year.

Employee Engagement:
• Business Advisory Board (BAB) program: Partner company employees are invited to join BAB Program to coach Enactus team projects during the year.
• Career Mentorship Program: Partner company employees are invited to serve as mentors for the students during the year.
• Opportunities for Partner company employees to attend students’ club activities or training conferences.

University Relationship:
• One booth for the Partner Employer Branding at the Enactus China National Competition.
• Open positions listed to promote internship or fresh graduate hiring positions through Enactus China social digital platforms (e.g. WeChat service account, Weibo).
• Invitation for the Partner company representatives to participate in Enactus China HR Partner Forum in Shanghai.
• Invitation for Partner company representatives to participate in Enactus Faculty Advisor Forum or Lunch Meeting.

Market Trend Acquisition
• The insight reports are open for Partner company reference on Staff Volunteer Engagement, Post-95’s Talent Development Trend, Enactus Social & Sustainable Impact, Corporate Tailored Project Impact.

For more information on Enactus China Partnership Models and Options, please kindly contact:
Mr. Steven Zhang, via mobile phone: +86 183-1136-2353, or email: steven.zhang@enactuschina.cn